More than 250 million people are active Facebook users. More than 346 million people read blogs, and 184 million people are bloggers themselves. Twitter has more than 14 million registered users, and

YouTube claims more than 100 million viewers per month. [Reference-Oreilly]

With understanding of marketing, business, art, search engine optimization, social media, developing online relationships, creative contents, web products, new technologies and communication, we at BlinkOM will be your perfect partner to help you build your strong online/web presence by promoting you with daily activities.

A website merely doesn’t give you a wide visibility. Creating an online footprint by engaging with target audience, taking feedbacks, requiresfrequent activities on several fronts on several profiles to connect with them and develop your visibility online.

Whether you are part of a small, medium, or giant business, or are an individual entrepreneur, or just have an idea your customers are using social media, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be, too. Blogs, webpage/website creation, Social Profiles, Ad campaigns, content writing and so on at BlinkOM we will help your business utilize the power of social media marketing and grow your online audiences, business visibility, website traffic and help develop a loyal fan base for you.


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